Cakes by Capano is a family run, home based business that makes delicious and gorgeous custom cakes for all occasions, including weddings and birthdays. They are Located in Fort Thomas, Kentucky, just 8 minutes from downtown Cincinnati. Cakes by Capano started when Jennifer Capano’s husband, David, told her to go bake a cake.

Jennifer Capano is the owner of Cakes by Capano. She was an elementary school teacher for 9 years before realizing her dream of designing, baking, and decorating cakes.

I’ve always enjoyed baking. My favorite part of going to a wedding was always to see the cake and the details that the artist created. When I became engaged and went to the bridal shows, it was my favorite part of the bridal shows. I was more interested in checking out the cake designs and I wound up designing my own wedding cake.

Shortly after she was married, Jennifer told her husband about her passion. One of the best things that you can do in a marriage is to tell your spouse what you really want. Her husband heard her loud and clear and gave her a cake decorating kit for Christmas in 2002.

When David gave me my toolkit, he told me “Now here’s your toolkit, go and take the classes and don’t let anything hold you back.”

At the time, Wilton was offering three different cake decorating courses. The following spring, Jennifer took all three. Wilton is the industry leader in the cake decorating business, and the Wilton School of Cake Decorating & Confectionary Art is internationally renowned. Wilton has literally written the book on cake decorating.

In the fall of 2003, Jennifer was challenged with her first paying gig. A friend asked Jennifer for a wedding cake. Some people turn down their first big job out of fear of failure. Some people accept and get in over their head. Jennifer, encouraged by her husband, took the job.

She succeeded, and the wedding cake was a huge hit.

I thought to myself, “I can do this.” I realized that I could make a living off of something that I loved to do and people love what I do. My husband told me that I needed to take myself more seriously because people liked what I did, they loved it and they were willing to pay me for it… that’s how Cakes by Capano was really born.

Jennifer learned early on, even when she worked with a cake decorator for her own wedding cake, that creating a cake can be a collaborative art. It’s about finding out what the customer envisions and then making that vision a reality. However, sometimes the customer doesn’t mind being surprised.

My Ode to Peacock cake! The client wanted a wedding shower cake, and she gave me complete creative freedom. All I knew is that the bride’s theme were peacock feathers. So I had peacock feathers and a color scheme to work with… and the client’s budget.

I couldn’t find peacock feathers to stick in the cake so I looked for drawings or photographs of peacock feathers so that I could make intricate designs of the feathers. Using that as my inspiration, I came up with an abstract peacock feather in the colors of teal, purple and gold which covered the front and side of the cake. The client’s first reaction was priceless!

She gasped and was just floored because it was exactly what she wanted and she didn’t even know what she wanted. She had something in her mind’s eye but couldn’t tell me and I made exactly what she wanted.

She’s become one of my best clients and has sent me lots of referrals. Whenever she orders a cake, she never tells me exactly what she wants, she gives me a theme or a color scheme and lets me run with it. I always custom design her cakes with my creativity and inspiration.

It’s clients like her that make me love what I do so much, they allow me to be an artist, not just a craftsman.

Jennifer continuously educates herself by reading books and trade magazines. She’s also a current member of ICES, the largest professional organization dedicated to her craft. Yet, Jennifer develops most of her skills through her vast experience and hard work.

Cakes by Capano gets most of their business from word of mouth. They have many repeat customers, and there’s always a holiday or event around the corner that deserves a cake.

Jennifer’s busy enough that she can’t do it on her own.

Last year, my husband joined me full-time and we began helping one another in our businesses as full-fledged partners and that’s when things **really** took off for us.

Jennifer lists her husband, David, as her biggest inspiration. She’s also inspired by other skilled cake decorators.

All are unique and have their own special gift; everyone has something special to give and I find that truly amazing and inspirational.

Cakes by Capano is known for Jennifer’s amazing custom icing recipe and her fabulous chocolate cream cheese filling.

Cakes by Capano also makes cupcakes. Cupcakes are finger food, so they require less cleanup, making them ideal for your child’s classroom or your next company meeting. Cupcakes are always a hit with the kids.

I asked Jennifer how she keeps her two children and David from putting their fingers in the icing, especially working out of her own kitchen.

Dave gets to lick the bowl when I’m done. Our daughter is given a cupcake and her own icing bags to decorate if she pleases. Our baby is given his own icing bag with tip on to suck on, to stay out of the rest of the icing. He’s also given access to the crowns of the cake that are cut off which is open to the rest of the family as well.

Since Cakes by Capano is a family business, I asked Jennifer what the family favorites were and how the family feels about the cake business in their kitchen.

The baby loves it because mommy’s icing is his favorite thing. Our daughter is my best critic, she has to critique my cakes before they go out the door, and she also likes to decorate her own cakes whenever possible, just like mommy. Jody liked the Elmo cake I made best, he’s infatuated with Elmo. Thia’s favorite is anything girly, the Peace Sign cake was a smash with her, and probably the wedding cake that she helped me deliver. She’s also very proud and loves all of her birthday cakes because she gets to decide what birthday cake she wants every year. Dave doesn’t have a favorite cake, his favorite thing is to watch me work.

Cakes by Capano knows that where there’s cake, there’s a celebration. Each piece of cake is served from Jennifer’s home, full of wholesome, loving, devotion. Cakes by Capano understands how important your celebration is to you and your family because it’s just as important to their family, and they’re proud to be a part of it.

We could go on celebrating, but Jennifer has to get back to work crafting wonderful confections for her customers.

I have a three-tiered, Sweet 16 Birthday, purple, and aqua zebra print cake for Saturday.

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Telephone or email your order today. You don’t have to wait for your next birthday or wedding to find an occasion—order a “Monday” cake. I’m sure that Jennifer will whip you up something amazing.

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If you think that cake decorating might be your passion, Jennifer Capano teaches Wilton cake decorating classes at local Michaels craft stores. Get started, and feed your passion.

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