Grateful Grahams bakes homemade, soft and chewy, graham crackers from hand selected all natural, vegan ingredients. Grateful Grahams can be found at local festivals and a few local retail stores in the Cincinnati, Ohio and tri-county area.

Rachel DesRochers previously worked in marketing for a nationwide whole foods retail chain, but recently became a stay at home mom and part time doula. She was looking for ways to bring in extra income, but it had to be something that she enjoyed doing and felt good about. Rachel feels blessed every day, and she wanted to contribute something back to the world.

Rachel loves to bake, and she felt that providing a wholesome, nutritious snack that is friendly to the environment would be the perfect way to give back.

Rachel developed a vegan graham cracker snack in two wonderful flavors. The Chocolate Grahams are soft and chewy with a rich cocoa taste. The Cinnamon and Sugar Grahams are also soft and chewy, with a wholesome ginger and cinnamon flavor. Both are lightly sprinkled with raw sugar. They’re perfect for making s’mores, with vegan marshmallow spread, or for dipping in soy milk.

Rachel premiered her snacks at the Cincinnati Earth Day 2010 festival, selling out quickly. Once they opened the bag to try them, they kept coming back for more.

She also appeared at local festivals like the Wyoming Art Show, one of the area’s premiere showcases for art.

Rachel is still attending local festivals all summer long, so if you see her there, I recommend buying one bag of each flavor, trying them out, and then going back to buy more of your favorite. Also, she won’t mind if you eat them right in front of her.

You can now find the graham squares stocked daily at local stores such as Park and Vine, Blue Manatee Children’s Bookstore, and Joseph-Beth Bookseller’s in Rookwood.

Visit or friend Grateful Grahams on Facebook to see what local festival she’ll be at next, or to be notified about the growing number of stores where you can find her vegan graham squares.

I love the Chocolate Grahams, and I figured out that if I hid them from the kids, I could eat a few after each meal and they’d last all day. Let me know about your experience with Grateful Grahams.

Update! You can now find Grateful Grahams online at Pangea Vegan Products and Vegan Essentials.