Michael Burleigh is an American artist that has built up a great portfolio of abstract art while supporting his country’s infrastructure as a truck driver based out of San Bernadino, California.

Burleigh has been passionate about art and has been drawing since the age of seven. He says that he received his artistic gene from his mother, who was a great artist. Burleigh’s interests led him to sign up for art classes in high school and he later had the opportunity to study art in college as well.

More recently, Burleigh has successfully transferred his traditional art skills into another realm by becoming a self taught digital artist using his favorite software tool, Bryce. He is also learning how to incorporate other software such as Adobe Photoshop, Cinema 4D, Illustrator, and Carrara into his work flow.

Five years ago, my son got me started with digital art. The medium I enjoy the most for now is digital, although it can be frustrating to learn at times.

When an artist says that they have all but switched to digital, it makes me curious to see their other drawings. I hope that Michael will send a couple to share.

Burleigh’s abstract style is largely inspired by his favorite artist, Salvador Dali, but also by his eye for architecture and automotive design.

I would describe Michael Burleigh as a surrealist artist leaning toward the futurism style of abstract art, and his more abstract work largely reminds me of famous Italian painter, Giacomo Balla, although Burleigh’s color palette is something completely his own. Burleigh’s surrealist art and subjects are clearly influenced by his favorite surrealist painter.

Of his work so far, Burleigh is the most proud of his surrealistic piece titled “Chess dreams”.

"Chess dreams"

“Chess dreams” has a lot of artistic merit, especially in the wonderful way that he breaks up the horizon. Burleigh should feel very accomplished with this piece in his goal of being a great surrealist.

Besides some great surreal art, Burleigh has such a large number of amazing abstract pieces in his gallery that I had a hard time limiting myself to showing just a few.

"obscured vision"


MWP asked Burleigh about his abstract work, because we knew it had to be about more than just the extraordinary aesthetic balance of form and color.

My motivation in my artwork is a reflection of my emotions. I have a saying about my art, “curves of happiness and points of anger”.

With his astute focus on form, it’s no surprise that Burleigh says that he’s interested in starting to create sculpture, which he sees as the ultimate form of art.


I love the fact that [sculpture] is an art form you can not only see but you can feel and study all sides of such an art piece. It is an art form even the blind can appreciate. Unfortunately it is probably also one of the most expensive forms of art to do.

"fire stone"

You can check out more of the surreal and abstract art of Michael Burleigh at his page on deviantART. Many of his pieces are available as prints from online art print retailer RedBubble.

MWP would like to thank Michael for contributing his story and artwork and allowing us to interview him. We hope that our recognition will help inspire him to create more art even though we robbed him of some of his valuable time to do so.

Please let me know which of Michael’s pieces is your favorite, and I’m sure that Michael would appreciate it if you would click on the “I heart this” button to show your love.