The Underneath Cincinnati Film Festival is tonight, Wednesday, October 13th, at the Esquire Theater in Clifton, OH. It will screen as part of the larger Cincinnati Film Festival.

The Underneath squeezes 8, hand selected, short films from talented local filmmakers into a meager 2 hours, all for a measly $10 per ticket. How’s that for a budget conscious way to support the local art community?

The Esquire Theater is located near the University of Cincinnati campus, and is one of the best venues in the city for film.

Last year’s screening was packed with movie goers excited to see a variety of films from their community. The program was a huge success. This year’s lineup looks ever better, which is funny for me to say, considering one of my films was in last year’s program.

One of the most anticipated films this year is “Intangible”, a collaboration between local filmmakers Aaron Maas and Josh Flowers. The film makes its world premiere at the festival.


(dir. Josh Flowers)

A simple laundry day turns out to be a life affirming revelation.

Another notable entry is “Accidental Art” from long-time filmmaker Peter John Ross.

Accidental Art

(dir Peter John Ross)

A suburban artist creates an unintentional piece of work while having an affair with the roof repairman.

The Underneath Cincinnati Film Festival has more events coming up, so follow them on Facebook to stay updated. If you’re on Facebook, RSVP the event right now.

Short films provide all the drama, action, comedy, and documentary edge that feature length films do, but they’re compressed into a shorter time span so your bottom doesn’t get sore. Don’t miss the festival, or your kids will think you’re lame.

Underneath Cincinnati Film Festival 2010


Esquire Theater
320 Ludlow Ave
Cincinnati, Ohio 45220


Wednesday, October 13th, 2010


7 – 9 PM


$10 per ticket